Matrix-Q Akademia Seminars

There is a path for you to take, at the Matrix-Q Akademia, a path that suits your lifestyle, time and budget

  • Play a game, and earn points, to later trade those points for more services
  • Join a learning program: study circle, certificate, license or label program. Getting a Matrix-Q Belt
  • Take a membership, including a number of units of personalized learning/coaching
  • Join any of the 36 Schools of the Matrix-Q Akademia
  • Or you can enroll in a seminar


Are a direct experience of Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools & Skills

  • Before a great commitment, like a 1-4 years learning program (for a certificate, license, or label) you may like to explore Matrix-Q Akademia content, and by experience decide if it is for you.
  • The Matrix-Q Seminars are an introductory experience into the Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Skills, Data, Technology, Games & Methodology
  • The Matrix-Q Seminars give you an attendance certificate but do not provide a technical foundation or exams to validate your capacity of application, it means you will not receive a license, label, or belt after a seminar. With the Matrix-Q Licenses, you can use the Matrix-Q Knowledge for commercial, research, education innovation, & creativity purposes. Or to create new products and start-up companies.
  • After completing a seminar you will have clarity about what Matrix-Q Akademia can do for you, and how the Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Data, and Skills, can be of help to you, you will discover some of your interests and opportunities to unleash your potential or unveil limitations you did not know before, clarity and awareness are the first steps for a journey. But we will not recommend you to apply it for your private life, profession, or company. There is a reason why at the Matrix-Q Akademia you need a belt.
  • The Matrix-Q Belt indicates your technical, emotional, and mental capacity for responsible application in the field. Once you receive a Belt, you are ready to apply it, and we will fully support you in the next steps.

The Matrix-Q Seminars give you a direct experience of Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools & Skills


  1. From the list below select the seminar that you prefer
  2. Is it your first time: You need to attend the Introductory Seminar
  3. Did you attend the Introductory Seminar Already? You can choose a Theme Seminar
  4. Book (Purchase) on our webshop
  5. And register for the next seminar you want in our calendar. Use your complete name and email address you used for the purchase.


  • The seminars are provided outdoors at the Grebbeberg Forest in Rhenen City
  • The meeting place, at 9:00 Am or 15:00 Pm at the entrance of the Paviljoen Hotel, Rhenen, just in front of the Grebbeberg Forest.


  • Are scheduled privately and on-demand, additional fees may apply. Please contact us for more details.


  • When you purchase a seminar membership, you are welcome to attend a max. a number of seminars within 729 days. For example, if you booked three seminars, you have two years to schedule them.


  • Vary depending on the membership you choose. If you book more seminars, you will receive more units of service you can also use for coaching, e-publications, games, or other services for the same price.


  • There are fixed dates in the year for the seminars. Normally scheduled 6 months in advance.
  • You may as well request a specific date, for yourself or for you and a collective (group) you bring. Additional fees may apply.


  • We may cancel the event if there is not a minimum number of attendees.
  • We recommend you engage your friends.


  • Individual purchase means that you pay for the service, the whole fees on your own.
  • Collective purchase means that you self-organize with a group with diverse purchase capacity and you all together pay the same fees but distribute different amounts to be paid among each other, it means some of you will pay more than others. You set the agreement with your collective. One single person. representative of the collective does the purchase.

Introductory Seminar


  • This seminar is for everyone interested in Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, and Skills and their application of them for pragmatic purposes


  • We have selected essential knowledge, practical tools, and new skills developed at the Matrix-Q Research Institute
  • We will work with smart applications, games, body, emotions, and thinking skills.
  • Giving special attention to work-life balance, and human connection
  • We utilize nature (outdoors) as our playground.


  • Holistic learning, gamified, data-driven.
  • Reports will be given at the end of the seminar


  • Grebbeberg Forest, Rhenen City, The Netherlands
  • The meeting place, at 9:00 Am at the entrance of the Paviljoen Hotel, Rhenen, just in front of the Grebbeberg Forest.


  • Once per month
  • Two mornings, Saturday & Sunday (Please see the schedule in our calendar)
  • STARTS: 9:20 AM
  • ENDS: 14:40 PM
  • Includes midday lunch at 14:00 (Lunch not included in fees)
  • DATES: Always the first weekend of the month

    • 2022 August 6th & 7th
    • 2022 September 3rd & 4th
    • 2022 October 1st & 2nd
    • 2022 November 5th & 6th
    • 2022 December 3rd & 4th
    • 2023 please find the first weekend of the month

Themes Seminars

Themes Seminars address specific fields of work, tools, skills, and methods.

  • We have selected those we have found more relevant, considering our experience with customers since 1993.
  • The themes are directly related to the introductory seminar. Gives you the opportunity to explore more or dive deeper into a topic of your interest.
  • How to join? Just book THEMES SEMINAR on our webshop and select the date you prefer to attend
  • We will contact you with more details within a few days
  • We always announce new Themes Seminars in our e-Newsletter, just follow up
  • You are welcome to request a Theme that for you or your collective is relevant


  • Holistic learning, gamified, data-driven.
  • Reports will be given at the end of the seminar


  • Grebbeberg Forest, Rhenen City, The Netherlands
  • The meeting place, at 15:00 Pm at the entrance of the Paviljoen Hotel, Rhenen, just in front of the Grebbeberg Forest.


  • Once per month
  • Two afternoons, Saturday, and Sunday (Please see the schedule in our calendar)
  • STARTS: 15:20 AM
  • ENDS: 20:40 PM
  • Includes evening dinner at 20:00 (dinner not included in fees. You may also join us at lunchtime)
  • Realize in the morning we provide the Introductory Seminar. You are welcome to attend both or attend the introductory seminar again. Booked separately.
  • For your convenience, in one weekend you can attend two theme seminars.
  • We have selected seminars related to each other at the same weekend.
  • There are 12 Theme Seminars that repeat every 6 months
  • DATES: Always the first weekend of the month

    • 2022 August 6th & 7th THINKING & EMOTIONS
    • 2022 September 3rd & 4th LEARNING & PRACTICING, HUMAN BODY
    • 2022 October 1st & 2nd HUMAN SOUND & GEOMETRY
    • 2022 November 5th & 6th TIME & ALGORITHMS
    • 2022 December 3rd & 4th LEADERSHIP & COMMUNICATION
    • 2023 January 7th & 8th THE BELTS, DNA & SELF-ORIENTATION
    • 2023 please find the first weekend of the month


  • Please read below the list of Themes


Matrix-Q Method

We will explore 27 Thinking or Creativity Modalities in order to arrive at Matrix-Q Thinking & Intelligence. Ideal for innovators, leaders, strategists, and designers


Matrix-Q Method

The Matrix-Q Belts, Certificates, Licenses & Labels are only given to those that have completed a learning program, practice cycles, and demonstrated responsible application. Learning how to learn, and how to practice is an essential aspect of the work.


Matrix-Q Method

We utilize sound in diverse ways. To explore our own capacity and potential, enhance our learning capacity, and accelerate our learning curve. We also use sound in our algorithms, communication, and process. Or even in time management and creativity.


Matrix-Q Method

We have a time window. For everything, we do time plays an important role. Also our ability of good timing. We will explore time management from the perspective of human emotions, and consciousness, and study the fractal nature of time. As a bonus a philosophy of science conversation on time and consciousness.


Matrix-Q Method

27 Leadership styles. How we make choices, set preferences, negotiate, and lead. Personal leadership, team, and organizational leadership. We will review the concepts of service and purpose-driven leadership as well. Exploring personal development, next-level leadership


Matrix-Q Method

9+ Belts are the stages of development of the Matrix-Q Path. Indicating the capacity for responsible application of the Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Skills, and Data in the field of work. We will explore what it means and why the belts are necessary and how the belts help you navigate your own journey.


Matrix-Q Method

We will explore 36 Emotions & Feeling Modalities, unveil Matrix-Q Emotional Intelligence & how you can utilize emotions to enhance your daily life quality time, and performance at work


Matrix-Q Method

We will explore the potential the human body has to enable profound learning experiences, the language to communicate with it, and how to harness its natural rhythms, cycles, and shifts on our favor in daily life, family, relationships, and business


Matrix-Q Method

Geometry is in everything. It is a universal language, geometry, and math. In this seminar, you will learn about Matrix-Q Mathematics and how we discovered the CODE of nature, which we utilize in our research study, innovations, and solutions.


Matrix-Q Method

An algorithm is a sequence of steps necessary to solve a challenge. We use algorithms for everything in our daily life, from profession and business to social and love relationships. We will explore Matrix-Q Algorithms, and how to utilize nature principles, rhythms, cycles, and shifts to create and use them.


Matrix-Q Method

Communication is one of the greatest challenges humanity has been experiencing for the last 1000s of years, from a great loss (billions of EUR/year) in the modern world to conflict, and wars, between nations, to disharmony between genders and love partners. Communication is key to happiness.


Matrix-Q Method

The Matrix-Q DNA is similar to biological DNA, it signs potential and an actual capacity, that can be unleashed, a pattern or a trace of a subconscious process of evolution or change or response to life events taking place in your life. We will explore how to navigate life and use the Matrix-Q DNA for Self-Orientation.


Matrix-Q Method

A Matrix-Q Specialist, Coach & Trainer will answer to your questions, provide to you a tailor-made capacity assessment, and design the content that matches your interests and goals.

A step-by-step process with a personalized program


Matrix-Q Method

You may order Matrix-Q Akademia Seminars (Introduction or Themes) for yourself individually or order them with a group of people you organize yourself.

Collective purchase conditions:

  • One single-person book for the whole group
  • All other attendees need to be registered (free of charge) to be eligible for a collective purchase utilizing this URL below
  • To do a collective purchase please utilize the CODES listed below the products in our webshop (convenient conditions)
  • Group members can attend the events together or separately
  • The validity end date applies to all members of the collective


Please select the weekend you would like to attend the Matrix-Q Akademia Seminars

Below you find the calendar for both INTRODUCTION & THEMES Seminars

When you register one day, you can attend both Saturday & Sunday