The Matrix-Q Akademia Thursdays ONLINE

  • A gamified learning day (see details below), dedicated to accelerating your personal, professional, and leadership development
  • Throughout the day several micro-workshops (diverse topics)are scheduled.
  • Attendees may choose which one to attend
  • The micro workshops include e-workbooks for personal use throughout the week. Advanced students receive access to e-learning materials.
  • Includes coaching and capacity scan sessions to tailor-made the experience and accelerate thelearning curve of the attendees
  • Sponsored by the Matrix-Q Next Generation Leaders Fund (details below)
  • Every Thursday, online


Early birds

  • 06:40 AM 20 min[ BREATHING ] Starting the day by listening to our heart
  • 07:00 AM 20 min[ YOGA ] Waking up our body, with self-love and gratitude for life
  • 07:20 AM 20 min [ DANCE ]Flowing in the stream ofyour own creativity, by listening to your body and emotions

First Morning

  • 08:00 AM 20 min[ BREATHING ] Starting the day by bringing both male and female principles in harmony together
  • 08:20 AM 20 min[ SELF-REGENERATION ] Power up your daily buffer, enhance your regeneration and self-repairing capacity
  • 08:40 AM 20 min[ TIME ] Lessons about time management: to be more efficient, with balance. At work, family, and lifestyle.

Second Morning

  • 09:20 AM 20 min[ BREATHING ] Starting the day by unleashing our capacity to relate positively with our own wealth: wealthability
  • 09:40 AM 20 min [ GOLDEN TRIANGLE] Creating balance in your life: Mission/purpose, impact/values, and wealth/revenues/income
  • 10:00 AM 20 min [ THINKING ] Thinking like nature, utilizing the nature's principles, creating solutions for your life or business

Third Morning

  • 10:20 AM 60 min[ FOREST BATHING ] Audio only: We Take a walk in the forest, park, or garden at home. Sensory Awareness & Leisure

First International hours

  • 12:00 AM 20 min[ BREATHING ] Breathing together with the earth planet with empathy for climate change outcomes
  • 12:20 AM 40 min[ THINKING ] Thinking together through climate change: Risk management and networkfor a global systemic crisis
  • 13:00 PM 20 min[ EMOTIONS ] Using emotions for communication, collaboration, co-creativity, decision making & time management

Second International hours

  • 13:20 PM 100 min[ AVATAR GAME ]
    • Learning how to utilize your own Matrix-Q DNA Code for business, social or daily life
    • The Matrix-Q Avatar Game - Role Play Session
    • Matrix-Q Avatar - Cards Game
    • Harnessing nature cycles in time,to empower ourselves along withdaily life tasks, decisions, and emotions
    • Leadership styles (Matrix-Q 27 Leadership styles) & modalities of positive collaboration

First Afternoon

  • 16:00 PM 20 min [ BREATHING ] Finding creativity at the edges withsimple complexity, and complex simplicity.
  • 16:20 PM 80 min[ CONVERSATION ] Learn to utilize the Matrix-Q Communication method. Effective communication with human emotions. Data-driven methodology for holistic communication, decision making, and project management. New topic every week.

Second Afternoon

  • 18:00 PM 40 min[ TIME ] Lessons about time and processmanagement, utilizing human positive emotions
  • 18:40 PM 20 min[ BREATHING ] Unleashing our capacity to relate positively with our own wealth: wealthability

First Evening

  • 20:00 PM 100 min [ SELF DEFENSE ] Prime-Do Practice nature. We practice in the forest, or at home in our garden Breathing with the geometry of the body. Brief guided practice swordsmanship. How to practice self-defense and non-violence by utilizing positive emotions. Lessons about body awareness. Leadership skills. Strategic thinking. Prime-Do Katas (Dances). Nature principles in the art of peace. The journey of the primordial hero: myth and reality.

Closing the day