The Matrix-Q IDG HUB 

Inner Development Goals

RHENEN - The Netherlands


The Second Thursday, Every Month

Rhenen (NL)  8:00 AM & 19:00 PM

Online 14:30 CET 

" Your uniqueness is the solutions to a challenge we are about to discover" ~ LDMF

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Matrix-Q Ecosystem Founder, CEO, Impact Lead

Researcher, Innovator (Matrix-Q Knowledge)

Serial Entrepreneur,

Author, Artist, Explorer, Traveler

Martial arts, yoga, meditation, conscious breathing, bow, and dance improv Trainer

I would like to share with you a story, of personal growth. How year by year in the process of caring for our planet, people, and nature, we (entrepreneurs) have learned that personal growth, leadership, empathy, awareness, adaptation capacity, and creativity play an important role.

The United Nations has finally done the step. United Nations has been investing in global education, building global responsible citizens, and creating the Holistic Education Standard. At our Matrix-Q Akademia, we are proud of matching 97%. Also, the United Nations is encouraging an emerging movement of people engaged in personal growth. It is a solution for the human factor behind the sustainable development equation. Leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors, are now taking the IDG Inner Development Goals, as guidelines for their personal development.

In 1993 I was witnessing the gap between academic education and the capacity for execution necessary for entrepreneurship and sustainability. Today with the 17 SDG's we are witnessing such a gap. I solved the dilemma in 1993 by integrating a new methodology for gamified learning, with real-life challenges. I will facilitate such training, coaching, and consultancy for leaders along my travels and research destinations, supporting entrepreneurs, communities, young leaders, and NGOs.

In my research studies on nature-inspired ancient cultures and civilizations, I will aim for diversity, and all sorts of holistic methods and approaches utilized to empower leaders and develop their cultures and civilizations. I discovered a new mathematics system, that can be used to translate the holistic data of personal growth into algorithms, and software, to be utilized to measure, predict, value, enhance and optimize the human capacity for execution, adaptation, learning, creativity, and emotional intelligence, among others.

Today at the Matrix-Q Ecosystem we utilize the Matrix-Q Method, to empower leaders, by providing tools, skills, knowledge, technology, data-driven solutions, products, and services that help them to something extremely important Einstein described so well: " We need to solve the challenges from another level, different from which we created them", a statement that today is applicable for everything happening in our planet, from the search for peace, equality, innovation, economy, food, and energy chain, education, health, and family.

I am trusting that the integration of the IDG Inner Development Goals, in the United Nations' actions towards the acceleration of the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future, will empower the leaders in their ability to take action, and bridge the next generation skills gap.

The Matrix-Q Ecosystem will contribute, by creating IDGs HUBS and joining the movement of personal growth internationally, at all our locations. We are activating 5 IDG HUBS within our own ecosystem, starting in the Netherlands, the city of Rhenen. You are all welcome to attend the first meet-up, scheduled in October 2022 at the Paviljoen Hotel, Rhenen.


Every 2nd Thursday of the Month


We meet online, and also at location Rhenen, The Netherlands

Once every month, the second Thursday of the month

Attendees can choose at Location Rhenen any of two meeting hours: 8:00 AM or 18:00 PM.

We decided to make it easier for leaders and employees to meet before or after working hours

And for those that prefer an online meeting,, including our international network, we can meet in zoom at 14:30 CET

To facilitate: " To make easier, faster, efficient a process in which knowledge and skills will be acquired"

FACILITATOR Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken (Coach, trainer since 1993)


We will continue with the conversation, training, and action

  • Welcome by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
  • Introduction to the IDG Inner Development Goals. Taking Action
  • Open Space: Conversation about personal experiences, regarding the IDG, and the gap between intention, knowledge, agreement, and action in leadership, sustainability, and entrepreneurship
  • Action Round Accountability Partners Conversation. Check-in skills development and action plan milestone.
  • Training Session: We provide training to develop each of the IDGs
  • ACTION Opportunities, network


The Matrix-Q Akademia utilizes a system that is able to welcome and integrate all forms of knowledge.

Our language is based on nature principles, cycles, rhythms, and human potential or stages of development.

We have developed since 1993 a series of tools, methods, techniques, and practices to support leaders acquire knowledge, skills and competencies including those listed by the IDGs. we are well experienced.

WE UTILIZE in particular a series of techniques that enhance human self-awareness, empathy, connection, and very importantly the CAPACITY TO TAKE ACTION, ADAPTATION, and how to MANAGE UNCERTAINTY & CHANGE

We prefer NOT to UTILIZE the practices of the Mindfulness System, as we have learned from our experience and of our customers, that mindfulness practices are not suitable for this line of work on personal growth.

On the first day of our program, you will learn fundamental techniques, and receive access to a gamified program to develop the IDGs and apply them in your profession, and entrepreneurial activity, as a leader, innovator, investor, or talent. 

We also facilitate a process for attendees to explore collective IDGs, which are another version of how the IDG can be developed through collaboration, co-creation, working and engaging together into action.

IDG HUB Meetup in RHENEN, The Netherlands