Climate Action Service DAY

Take one day in your week to collaborate together, addressing climate change outcomes 

Climate change is creating a silent, invisible, deceiving compound effect with systemic and global disruptive consequences in our economy, society, industry, communities, families, resources, commodities, and ecosystems.

At the Matrix-Q Ecosystem we have implemented one day per week: Fridays, and a volunteer program (In which you can collaborate with free schedule), for everyone, of any age, profession, or gender, to collaborate.


Schedule with us a 15 min conversation.

We would like to do a capacity assessment scan, and review your background to match you to a specific project or tasks

For your first day. You attend an online event, a conversation about Climate Change, and an introduction to our current climate action activities (180 min)

You will receive assignments and challenges, schedule meetups online or outdoors (Rhenen), and receive suitable training.


Registration: to attend your first Climate Action Service Day event FRIDAY 15.00 - 18.00

Or Schedule time with us for Q&A

Read more about Matrix-Q Climate Action below

Climate Action Service

Climate change outcomes are creating systemic disruptions globally, which are slow, deceiving, and also invisible until they reach an escalating peak point.

The Matrix-Q Climate Action Plan provides a shared platform and instruments to coordinate the efforts of Matrix-Q Ecosystem Members, Partners & Volunteers to scout positive climate action opportunities, schedule, design, and implement interventions, and provide training to the next generation leaders and entrepreneurs, innovate, consult, and coach.


  • Anyone willing to dedicate some hours per week (up to a full day or 12 hours/week) or more to contribute to the mitigation of climate change outcomes, prevention, damage control, and implementation of a collective global and local response to climate change with a long term strategy.
  • Any professional field of expertise, academic, and non-academic competencies, and professional or entrepreneurial experience are welcome
  • Any age group. From children with parental supervision to senior contributors.
  • Also, members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem will join, including, but not limited to:
    • Members of the Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs Club
    • Students of the Matrix-Q Akademia
    • Matrix-Q Specialists
    • Matrix-Q Volunteers & Interns
    • Matrix-Q R&D & Innovation Lab members


  • Contributors will be welcome by our founder, with a 15 min online or telephone conversation
  • A Matrix-Q Capacity Scan will map contributors' skills, capacity, and development potential
  • We will organize contributors according to skills, and capacity demonstrate in the field
  • Teams, capacity building, projects, missions, challenges, tasks, scouting tracks & research will be assigned to contributors
  • The Matrix-Q Methodology for communication, self-organization, and collaboration will be utilized
  • The Matrix-Q Akademia Leadership development program will build up the capacity of the next generation of climate leaders
  • The Matrix-Q Games will be used, for you to learn-play, impact-play and earn-play* (* Earn play apply only for entrepreneurial projects)


Where to contribute?

  • Climate change outcomes are creating a compound effect and a global crisis
  • We are setting strategies according to the predictions, analysis, and information we gather every 3 months
  • We have already working on our climate change action plan for more than 4 years, having already targets established, scouting projects, interventions, social education, and awareness campaigns, combined with leadership, innovation, social impact, and entrepreneurial projects.
  • After the Matrix-Q Capacity Scan and brief training, you will be assigned to specific duties, and invited to consider at least 3 projects or teams with which you could contribute with.
  • Matrix-Q Scouts also spot positive impact opportunities and constantly new projects will be included as opportunities for our members.


Climate action members are compensated according to their own individual preferences and type of projects assigned to chosen by them. Including but not limited to:

  • Training units
  • Monetary compensation through % commissions, target bonus, affiliate %, royalties
  • Monetary compensation for service units, tasks, or projects completion
  • Trees, to boost biodiversity, and capture CO2 emissions
  • Matrix-Q Tokens are a form of discount codes (gifts) members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem receive, that can be used to trade for any service or product in our ecosystem. Matrix-Q Tokens are not crypto currency. A special category of tokens has been created for this program, the Matrix-Q CLimate Tokens


We have organized 3 groups of candidates: Benelux, EU, and WorldWide.

  1. Please fill out the respective form.
  2. Schedule your first interview with our founder (See URLs below), and start the conversation by sending a WhatsApp message to 0031.626673380
  3. Follow up on the instructions given, to complete the Capacity Scan and be assigned to your first training and project