• The Matrix-Q Avatar Hybrid Games are the first series of games all our members play
  • It is the most effective and faster introduction to the Matrix-Q Games, Tools, Skills, and Knowledge
  • Each player can set their own goals, plan milestones and strategies to play
  • A Matrix-Q Specialist and coach-trainer will prepare, and advise, the players to be successful in the game
  • The Matrix-Q Avatar is a hybrid game because it can be played with e-games, smart apps, online, indoors, outdoors, in nature, with cards, board games, challenges, missions, activities, and micro-workshops

Why to play?

  • All Matrix-Q Games create a powerful Brain GYM compound effect, enhancing your learning skills, adaptation capacity, creativity, attention span, memory, emotional intelligence, and capacity for work-life balance, and living a life with purpose.
  • The Matrix-Q Games are designed to unleash your potential and develop your (personal) leadership skills.
  • There are many more benefits and outcomes of playing the Matrix-Q Avatar Hybrid Games. Each game gives you a uniquely direct and or indirect experience of your capacity and facilitates the acquisition of new knowledge or skills just by playing and having fun.
  • Would you like to have an experience, schedule a Q&A session with a Matrix-Q Specialist

How does it work?


  • We suggest you follow the steps below
  • Schedule a 15 min FREE of Charge (Telephone or zoom) interview with a Matrix-Q Specialist to learn more about the game
  • Schedule a Matrix-Q Avatar Capacity Scan, to set your game goals, targets, and strategy
  • Enroll in a Matrix-Q Avatar Game Quick Silver training, to develop the most effective strategy for playing the game


  • Every Thursday the Matrix-Q Akademia plays at 13.20 PM (The Netherlands Time Zone)


  • Explore and play 1-2-1 or with a circle of players at the City of Rhenen.
  • We play indoors, outdoors (forest, river), underwater, in the city
  • We also play at the Dance Improv Sessions scheduled every month: Dance for Balance, Purpose, & Freedom
  • The play sessions vary. There are a diversity of games and activities. May include card games, board games, role play, circle play, and others.


  • Participate in scheduled play sessions, online, via zoom, e-mail, WhatsApp
  • Subscribe to use our Smart Application: The Matrix-Q Avatar Game App (Which gives you access to our e-games, e-learning, self-e-test, skills trainer, cards set and others)

Your Game Master

    Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, the founder of the Matrix-Q Akademia, is your game master. He personally will introduce you to the Matrix-Q Avatar Hybrid games and support you in your journey.

    Luis started a gamified workshop for leaders and multidisciplinary team building in 1993. Motivating colleagues from his university to engage in impact and values-driven entrepreneurship.

    Luis is CEO, Founder of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem of companies. Multidisciplinary researcher, innovator, serial entrepreneur, artist, storyteller, and author. Luis lived abroad and has been traveling since 1996. In Europe since 2003 and from the Netherlands (Current HQ) since 2016. Gamification has been for him a source of creativity and achievement.

    Luis is also a business and life coach ( Next generation leader), facilitator of yoga, conscious breathing, conscious performing arts, martial arts (self-defense), forest bathing, and conscious sound since 1999.Also facilitates full-day workshops based on his research on math, geometry, and frequencies, in correlation to human architecture.

    He facilitates today's workshops for startups, team building, thinking, time management, and emotional intelligence. Sustainable development consultant, with focus on the human factor, variable behind the sustainable development equation: climate change, circular economy, gender diversity, education, health, cities and communities, peace and cultures. Partner member of the MVO Nederland network of companies in Benelux, EU, dedicated to accelerating the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future. www.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info


    All the methods, techniques, knowledge, and tools, provided along the day are the outcome of 27+ years of research on knowledge, technology, and people of nature inspired ancient cultures and civilizations.Luis has been bio, culture, and knowledge hacking ancient cultures, from Europe, Asia, Eurasia, Africa & Amerika. Re-discovering the "code of nature" is a new language (Math, Geometry & Frequency), that can help us understand the uniqueness of individuals and collectives, and tailor-made any learning program, experience, and development process. This "Primordial Knowledge" can be learned indirectly through all the micro-workshops provided at the Matrix-Q Akademia Thursdays.


    At the Matrix-Q Avatar Games you learn-play: by developing skills, and learning how to use tools and techniques, that will help you be more efficient at playing the game, you achieve immediate tangible benefits for your work-life balance, capacity as a leader, skills for team collaboration and project management, and strategic skills needed for leaders and entrepreneurs.

    At the Matrix-Q Avatar Hybrid Games, all methods (Matrix-Q Method) are applied to produce the effect of a Brain GYM, enhancing your memory, attention span, focus, emotional intelligence, in general, your brain performance, and your overall holistic capacity to solve challenges, in balance (Work-Life balance). Enhancing your creativity, learning skills, and capacity for adaptation.

    To learn Matrix-Q Tools, Skills, and Knowledge, you need to practice, like in arts, and sports, the continuous use of the brain, body, and emotions, create in your brain and body the capacity of utilizing the knowledge acquired to solve real problems, quick response, adaptation, creativity and learning skills.

    Our brain is plastic, which means that, if we follow back to old patterns of learning, or keep doing and thinking as we used to, nothing will change. Instead, we can create new habits in learning, feeling, doing, perceiving, creating, learning,and acting, by practicing every Thursday at the Matrix-Q Akademia online.


    Our scheduled time zone is Utrecht, The Netherlands. You can match here your time zone with our calendarhttps://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html


    • The Matrix-Q Holistic Education & Coaching Methodology matches 97% of the United Nations Standards of Holistic Education.
    • We utilize a data-driven gamified learning methodology.
    • Our students learn-play, impact-play, earn-play and leisure-play
    • We measure, predict, value, enhance, and optimize the capacity of the next generation leaders and entrepreneurs: adaptation, learning & creativity

    CAPACITY SCAN - Tailor-Made Experience

    • Learn more about the Matrix-Q DNA Capacity Scan
    • Alternatively, attendees may also request a capacity scan. Throughout the session, we will utilize our data-driven smart application, combined with coaching and mentorship. To identify the conscious capacity, subconscious potential, blindspots, and strengths, of the attendee's DNA (Matrix-Q DNA), which will be utilized later for the Matrix-Q Games and micro workshops.
    • Attendees may also earn enough points to receive additional coaching and capacity scan sessions as rewards.
    • The Capacity scan sessions are scheduled according to the coach's availability.https://calendly.com/matrix-q-solutions/matrix-q-capacity-scan-akademia-thursday

    Get Board Game, Elements, and Rules

    The Matrix-Q Avatar Hybrid Games Can be played in all sorts of formats.

    The board game has been integrated into pragmatic objects you can use at home or office

    The rules vary, and we have several approaches to playing the game