Matrix-Q Akademia Programs

We provide an inclusive list of training programs, for youth, family, community, startups, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders


Matrix-Q Akademia Certificates & Commercial Licenses 

A tailor-made training program.

Our members decide the goals, content, intensity, frequency, budget and length of the training program


Matrix-Q Akademia Certificates & Commercial Licenses 


Matrix-Q Akademia Certificates in collaboration with highschools

Entrepreneurial Challenges assisted by a Matrix-Q Coach, and Mentor (For young leaders 19+ years old)


Matrix-Q Akademia Certificates & Commercial Licenses 

We craft individual and tailor-made challenges for entrepreneurs. A gamified (learn-play) platform where everybody wins. Challenges, Networks & Business Opportunities are scheduled according to the entrepreneur's time availability.


Matrix-Q Akademia Certificates & Commercial Licenses 

Scholarships, Fellowships, Students Loans, Internship Programs, Community Impact Projects, and Support for leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs engaged into the acceleration of the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future

Matrix-Q House

Matrix-Q Akademia Certificates & commercial licenses

Co-working, Co-Living Space, with a shared-economy system and immersive Matrix-Q Akademia Programs for leaders. The house is also a demo center for sustainability. Online Program also available.


Matrix-Q Akademia Certificates & Commercial Licenses 

A gamified platform, learn-play, impact-play for leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide. It is a systemic impact experiment. We explore collective consciousness and co-creativity at scale.

All activities are provided at 1,00 EUR/Session only

Matrix-Q e-Learning

Matrix-Q Akademia Certificates

e-Learning programs, video, audio, and work-books materials, recordings of workshops, seminars, retreats and special programs

Matrix-Q STF

Special Task Forces

Matrix-Q Akademia Certificates  & Commercial Licenses

Advanced training program for leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Creating an impactful outcome by coordinating personal growth, entrepreneurship, and harnessing externalities; while creating a positive impact in harmony with nature principles, rhythms, cyles, and laws.

Matrix-Q IDG's HUB

Matrix-Q Akademia Certificates & Commercial Licenses 

In collaboration with the Inner Development Goals & SDG Sustainable development goals network. The IDG's HUB schedule meetups, training, and opportunities to enter into action, at all international locations of the Matrix-Q Akademia

Matrix-Q Clubs

Matrix-Q Akademia Certificates

Activities that combine leisure, culture, work-life balance, learning, and a positive impact: holistic lifestyle, sexuality education, performing arts, forest bathing, drumming circle, travel, music and films

Matrix-Q e-Library

Matrix-Q Akademia Certificates  & Commercial Licenses

900+ e-Publications combined with tailor-made coaching and training for the subscribers to utilize the knowledge acquired. The digital content is not sold but leased

MetaPowers for Business

Matrix-Q Akademia Certificates

A Quantum Leap Training Program for Leaders. A new operating system. One that doesn’t drive growth but abundant progress. One that learns you to really make an impact and the new matrix to create it. One that makes you a servant leader of the greater good but makes you, an example of a quantum leaper because you have managed to find the key to become the stable eye in the storm.

Matrix-Q Human Capital

Matrix-Q Akademia Certificates & Commercial Licenses 

Gamified learn-play programs, for candidates to job positions to demonstrate their competencies by playing. The program inlcudes training, coaching, and data-driven reports (human capital valuation, performance, potential, skills)

Matrix-Q Sound Studio

Matrix-Q Akademia Certificates  & Commercial Licenses

Multidisciplinary innovation, research and exploration with sound, geometry, human awareness (body, emotions, feelings, mind, purpose) and consciousness

Matrix-Q Avatar

Matrix-Q Rings

Matrix-Q Akademia Certificates & Commercial Licenses 

Gamified Training Program for leaders and entrepreneurs.

It provides personal growth and tools for strategic management. Bringing together personal leadership, entrepreneurship, and systemic impact, with the 9 capitals, or 9 principles of holistic capitalism

Matrix-Q Lab

Matrix-Q Akademia Certificates & Commercial Licenses 

Multidisciplinary Innovation Lab, facilitates complete training in the use of the Matrix-Q Method & Tools for multidisciplinary research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Integrated into a self-sufficiency program: co-working, co-living space, shared economy, and property development. Subscribers address global, local and social pressing issues with innovation, and bootstrapping entrepreneurship.