The Primordial Knowledge Membership


" A membership program for pragmatic leaders, as it focuses on the tangible application of primordial knowledge (Matrix-Q Body of Work), with consciousness, and responsibility, with the purpose to enable human change (evolution) by matching the transitions in human history with the necessary knowledge. " ~ LDMF

  • Primordial: Original, natural, essential, the first one, preferred
  • Knowledge: The conscious capacity for execution, realization, implementation, action, creation, innovation
  • Consciousness: The ability to utilize all personal resources, circumstances, and experiences to acquire, create and utilize knowledge, access and use knowledge houses, and take the role of knowledge holder
  • Evolution: The ability to navigate a journey of personal self-transformation with consciousness and knowledge, and enable the same quality of change in the human collective, society, culture, and timeline
  • Responsibility: The capacity to be accountable for the impact created with own choices; in both nature, economy, society, and individuals timelines. The ability to enable a positive systemic impact in them too.
  • Matrix-Q Knowledge: Capacity of responsible use of the Matrix-Q Body of Work (research & innovation on primordial knowledge) with the purpose to enable human evolution according to the circumstances.



  • The Primordial Knowledge Membership is ideal for members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem that wish for a tailor-made program, which involves both learn-play, impact-play, leisure-play, earn-play, and invest-play.


  • The content provided is selected from the Matrix-Q Akademia 36 Schools of Knowledge


  • The conscious and responsible use of knowledge is the main focus of the membership
  • We utilize a gamified holistic methodology, with data-driven reports of progress (Stages of learning)
  • Our members receive gamified information, tasks, challenges and projects, with targets, milestones, or goals. The outcome indicates the next level of knowledge to be provided (Matrix-Q Belts)
  • The activities vary, according to members' desires. Some of our members create their own companies, and others focus on innovation, acting as influencers, using their creativity, teaching, coaching, or consultancy. Other members aim to invest.
  • It may involve as well research and expeditions to locations in time or geolocations, to visit the "Houses of Knowledge" holders of memories (imprinted in nature, people, or human creations) of nature-inspired knowledge, technology, culture, leaders, and society of ancient cultures and civilizations.


  • The Primordial Knowledge membership also aims for a futurist prediction or knowledge, meaning to create a bridge between the past, the current times, and the future we are creating, as individuals, communities, cultures, or human species.


  • It is a "solo-membership" by definition, as the program is tailor-made.
  • Ideal for members that aim for a black belt V and metal belts level of capacity and responsibility
  • From time to time eligible members are invited to attend collective events or suggested to take on collective challenges, missions, or projects.

" Members decide the purpose of their membership. We actually provide them with what they want. They just need to observe the house rules.

We utilize a gamified holistic methodology and a belts system. " ~ LDMF


With invitation only

  • In order to get invited please contact us
  • Eligible candidates are invited to choose one of the memberships listed below
  • Each membership category includes a number of units of service and a validity period in which the units can be consumed.
  • At the end of the validity, there is no refund and the units can not be used anymore.
  • For the time of validity, the user may receive standard benefits included in the membership, as well as enjoy a tailor-made program.
  • Along with the first sessions an assessment of capacity and mapping of needs, interests, and potential, will be followed by goals, milestones, and preferences setting.
  • A Matrix-Q Specialist will facilitate the gamified activities according to plan.
  • From time to time the plan will be adjusted at the request of both, the facilitator and member.
  • The member has total control of the units of service (Wallet): Members make choices on how to use them at any time, what they want or prefer, the activities they like, and which topic of training, coaching, or mentorship module they need, giving priority to some or other activities the member is eligible for.
  • Eligibility rules for accessing any content or activity are standard and gamified for all the Matrix-Q Ecosystem Members (See Matrix-Q Belts, Rings, Cycles, Levels, and Tracks of play)
  • A capacity assessment report is provided from time to time, monitoring change. We measure, predict, enhance, value, and optimize human capacity. We utilize data-driven tools.

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