The Next Generation Leaders' CHALLENGE

The Matrix-Q Next Generation Leaders' Challenge is an individual special program for world leaders & change makers sponsored by the Matrix-Q FUND

" If there is no solution, also there is no problem. If there is no creativity, there is also no solution. If there is no burning need, there is no personal growth. If there is no leadership, there is no space, nor resources, or time for self-improvement. If there are no challenges, also there are no heroes. If there are no heroes, there is also no deliberated change. If there is no conscious effort, there are only luck, destiny, and unpredictability. If there is no learning, there is only life teaching you" ~ LDMF

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, The Matrix-Q Akademia


  • Intentional leaders (everyone in the path of personal leadership)
  • Leaders in private, and public organizations
  • Leaders in family offices
  • SMEs, Not-Profits, & Start-up Leaders
  • Leaders-Investors
  • Community and Local Government Leaders
  • Young Leaders, talents, innovators, entrepreneurs & investors
  • Service-driven Leaders


  • The capacity to take action by applying the knowledge, skills, and competencies acquired
  • The ability to continuously and consciously create, and pinpoint, opportunities for personal growth, wealth generation (The 9 Capitals of Holistic Wealth), and positive impact
  • The accountability for own actions, and for the collective human species' actions, history & possible evolution, or the self-motivation to contribute to the creation of an advanced civilization
  • The creation of own legacy, for the next 9 generations
  • The commitment to transfer, facilitate and share own experience, knowledge, and skills to the next generation of leaders

How does it work?

  • You are invited to attend a LIVE WEBINAR, with information, and Q&A about the Matrix-Q Next Generation Leaders' Challenge. You will meet our founder, and have the possibility to inform yourself about the opportunity. If the live webinar schedule does not fit your availability, please register here URL to receive access to a recorded one. You will have always the possibility to ask the questions you want. 
  • REGISTER TO PARTICIPATE in the challenge (Please use this URL - We are forwarding you to the Matrix-Q Challenge Platform)
  • Follow the instructions
    • WHEN: Every season we challenge a new group of applicants: Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring
    • CHALLENGE LENGTH: 81 days
    • TIME COMMITMENT: You decide, from 5 hours/week or 12 hours/month or more, up to 100%. This program is ideal for every leader that is active. You may be learning at school, university, or technical education, having a 100% job, or being an entrepreneur or financially independent investor. You decide the time you want to invest in the challenge. We have designed tasks that match your time availability. Even with 12 hours/month, and a free schedule, (under the right conditions), you will be able to reach eligibility.
    • IDENTITY CHECK: Candidates will participate in an identity check step-by-step process (We can only support real humans, with real profiles, and real intentions to participate and contribute)
    • CHALLENGE TASKS: Will be given to you after registration. It will involve learning, personal growth, positive impact, and wealth generation. Projects, opportunities, and missions will be assigned.
    • GOAL: Each leader will design, develop, and implement their own project, and/or take over the leadership of a Matrix-Q Native Project (Clone)**
    • FEES: The Matrix-Q Fund will cover the fees for the 81 days challenge*
    • PLATFORM: The Matrix-Q Challenge Platform will be utilized for this purpose. A gamified data-driven competition for leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, talents, and investors. 
  • OUTCOME: Every solstice and equinox, the list of eligible candidates will be published (shared privately with the applicants


      • The winners will join a special program of the Matrix-Q Akademia: " The Next Generation Leaders' Challenge" facilitating holistic and multidisciplinary skills, knowledge, tools, methodology, techniques, data, opportunities, resources, technology, learning experiences, simulations, games, and capital (The 9 Capitals) to promising leaders.
      • (*) The Fees for the program will be covered by the projects, opportunities, and missions assigned to the leaders. (Matrix-Q Circularity Principles Applied to Wealth Generation).
      • The Matrix-Q Fund and Matrix-Q Investors Club will also support/sponsor eligible candidates **
      • The winners will also take part in to receive additional prizes and access to time-sensitive opportunities at
      • (**) Winners will develop both their own projects and also Matrix-Q Native Projects which have been matched along the challenge or after. The matching process is tailor-made according to the leader's interest, and demonstrated readiness.
      • Only eligible candidates will join the program " The Next Generation Leader's Challenge "
      • If a candidate did not reach the number of points necessary, but sufficient points, will qualify for a complementary program, to boost their capacity.
      • Non-eligible candidates with sufficient points will receive a membership in the Matrix-Q Akademia
      • As in any competition, there are house rules. Including but not limited to acting with honor, authenticity, honesty, and respect, being inclusive, observing consent, diversity, and communicating expectations, boundaries, and needs. We do not tolerate discrimination, gender polarization, substance abuse, abuse of trust, abuse of resources given, industrial espionage, sabotage, scams, improper use of our brand, unlawful behavior, or third-party agendas.


    You can apply at any moment, just register with this URL

    The eligibility challenge period is of a max. of 81 days and  starts every solstice and equinox: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

    The eligible candidates will be announced also at solstice and equinox dates too.

    For example: If you registered for the challenge of Spring, at the end of Spring you will know your eligibility status