The Matrix-Q Belts System

The Matrix-Q Belts indicate the rank a player has in the Matrix-Q Games.

There are 12 belts, represented with colors.

The Belts are associated with specific licenses and certificates.

Indicating the capacity of the belt-holder to solve systemic complexity with a simple direct and data-driven approach, by applying the Matrix-Q Knowledge Acquired.

Matrix-Q Games players achieve the capacity to think, feel, create, act, lead, innovate, decide, and invest time and resources with the knowledge acquired.

Matrix-Q Games players need to be invited (if eligible) to take a Belt Challenge.

After solving the challenge, the outcome will indicate the number of points achieved and tangible skills acquired.

For a player to be invited, it is compulsory to have completed some certificates, earned a minimum number of points, and tokens, and achieved specific targets.

The Matrix-Q Primordial Belt or the Golden Pillar is the highest rank achieved at the Matrix-Q Games, it is given to the Matrix-Q Game Players that are holders and caretakers of the knowledge, vision, mission, values, philosophy, authenticity, purpose, and culture of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, and are dedicated to ensuring its legacy for the following 9+ generations. [RANK 012+]

The Matrix-Q Metal Belts: Cooper, Silver & Gold is given to the Matrix-Q Games players that have demonstrated their capacity to lead, contribute and develop the Matrix-Q Games, & Matrix-Q Ecosystem. As leaders, innovators, influencers, entrepreneurs, and impact investors achieve systemic impact at the highest level

Participate in the Matrix-Q Fund, for holistic impact investment.

Acting C-level of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, and Level Theta in the Matrix-Q Games, qualified as Special Task Force, holders of the higher level of certificates and licenses in the Matrix-Q Ecosystem. [Rank 009, 010 & 011]

The Matrix-Q Black Belt V signs the ability to contribute with value chain transformation, organizations change management and holistic systemic growth. Management and analysis of complex systems, strategic impact investment, and collective intelligence development.

[Rank 008]

The Matrix-Q Green Belt focus is holistic economic growth. To contribute to the advancement of a global civilization in peace, by utilizing multidisciplinary holistic knowledge. The implementation of a quantum and holistic economy, circular, regenerative, minimalist, data-driven, inclusive, in praxis.

[Rank 007]

The first Matrix-Q Black Belts indicate the level of expertise Matrix-Q Specialists have achieved, by addressing global, local, and social pressing issues, creating a positive impact in nature, societies, and economies; solving systemic complexity with Matrix-Q Innovations, Products, Services, Knowledge, & Skills. Matrix-Q Black Belts are eligible to incubate and start up their own limited liability companies, under the Matrix-Q Brand, and exercise as entrepreneurs and impact investors. Shareholders of own Matrix-Q Companies, license holders. Aim for acceleration, and for scaling up their positive impact.

[Rank 003, 004, 005 & 006 ]

The Matrix-Q Black Belt I focus is to achieve the capacity to deliver consultancy services, by utilizing the Matrix-Q Data-driven tools, Knowledge, Skills, Data, Innovations, Services & Products. The Matrix-Q Black Belts are Associated consultants and license holders.

[Rank 003]

The Matrix-Q Blue Belt focus is a multidisciplinary research methodology, design, trapped value release, innovation. Data-driven tools for team building, project management. Multidisciplinary teams communication, collaboration, and co-creativity

[Rank 002]

The Matrix-Q Yellow Belt focus is compliance, learning how to integrate the 17+ Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Proof, Regenerative, Inclusive principles into learn-play, impact-play, and earn-play. Players will also learn how to utilize the Matrix-Q Tools for coach training, create digital assets, develop their own brand and audience. Attention to policy, human rights, equality, welfare, quality of life.

[Rank 001]

The Matrix-Q White Belt focuses on self-management, foundation leadership skills, and self-knowledge, applied to work-life balance, purpose, and happiness at work.

Foundation skills for time management, communication, collaboration, story-telling, and basic training for coach-trainer certificates will be the main challenge.

[Rank 000]

Starting at the Matrix-Q Games, players hold no-belt.

To become a candidate to receive a belt players need to complete a first learn-play and impact-play cycle, missions, challenges, or projects [NO Rank]

Get Invited

To participate in the Matrix-Q Games you need to get invited.

Request an invitation today, meet your mentor (coach-trainer) for a capacity assessment, and tailor-make the Matrix-Q Game for you. Choose the level you would like to start earning points, tokens, rewards, certificates, and licenses.

For each of the 9 levels of the Matrix-Q Game below, you can earn a belt