The Matrix-Q University

Multi-versity / Meta-versity / Quantum-versity

The Matrix-Q Games are the digital platform of the Matrix-Q University (Multi-versity, Meta-versity, Quantum-versity) project.

Our focus is holistic multidisciplinary research and innovation, and entrepreneurship applied for sustainable development.

With HQ in the city of Rhenen, the Matrix-Q University provides worldwide a platform for collaborative research, innovation, and capacity building for leaders, entrepreneurs, impact investors, and start-ups incubation hub.

Our goal is to establish 108 locations worldwide, with Matrix-Q Innovation-Hubs dedicated with a focus on the location needs and unique conditions.

The Matrix-Q University utilizes Matrix-Q Knowledge, technology, data, methodology, innovations, and skills, as the foundation for holistic education, entrepreneurship, and impact investment; addressing global, local, and social pressing issues, creating a positive impact on nature, societies, and economies.


At the Matrix-Q University you:

  • Learn, create, and earn at the same time.
  • Graduate with shares in your very own company!
  • With our holistic education and data-driven methodology, you learn in 729 days the same as in 10 years in the traditional academic education system. Plus, you graduate as an innovation and impact-driven entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and trainer.
  • You will join the next generation of impact investors.


Traditional academic education requires you 10 years of pre-university education, 10 years of university, and 10 years of professional experience in the field.

Average of 20 years of learning, and experience, to reach the capacity to create the impact you want

What if those 20 years could be reduced to 3 or 9 years only?


" We have a little time window to address global pressing issues, in particular climate change. We need an innovative education system, for the next generation leaders" Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

  • In times of climate change, we need to learn more than history and theory of natural and social science, business, and technology.
  • We need to develop an actionable capacity to deliver a positive impact in the world.
  • Why not learn-play, impact-play, and earn-play on the go?
  • The Matrix-Q University offers you that possibility.

At each stage of their training, our members (students) reach a new level of entrepreneurship, leadership, creativity, and impact-investment

Knowledge, Research, Leadership, and Innovation Applied with Impact-Entrepreneurship & Investment


Changing our mindset for research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and impact investment from specialization (university, monocular-vision) to holistic, multidisciplinary, and systemic impact (Multi-versal learning by doing) Utilizing several perspectives for the acquisition of knowledge, capacity building, leadership, and positive systemic impact.


Innovative technology is applied to create learning, collaboration, and impact entrepreneurship in the Matrix-Q Metaverse.


The human capacity to explore beyond the habits of thinking and learning, to ascend over the level of thinking, feeling, and doing that created the challenge/problem, and find a new perspective for which there has not been prepared any other background but human consciousness


The Matrix-Q Games went Live in 2022 January.

This was our next step towards the Matrix-Q University (Multiversity/Metaversity/Quantumversity) project.

Our goal is to launch the Matrix-Q University Online, in 2027.

Or to continue operating as Matrix-Q Akademia and Matrix-Q Games for as long as necessary until the Matrix-Q University is ready to go live.

Would you like to teach, research, innovate, create impact and run entrepreneurial projects atThe Matrix-Q University ?