How does it work?

Since 2022 January, to join the Matrix-Q Akademi means to start playing the Matrix-Q Games

The system is utilized for playing, earning points, tokens, rank (belts), rings, cycles, lives, and generating holistic wealth on the go, while completing tasks, participating in activities, solving challenges, completing missions, and developing projects.

There are 9+ entry points (levels of the game) you can start with after a capacity assessment has been completed (For more details please read ourQ&Asection)


There 9+ levels of the game can be approached by utilizing any of the following two diverse strategies:

  • Membership (flat-rate), with a controlled budget (credits) for a period of time
  • Credits (purchasing credits at any time)

You can use the credits to activate missions, challenges, or projects, learn-play, impact-play, and earn-play activities).

You can also use your tokens and points, earned along with the activities for the same purpose. (For more details please read ourQ&Asection)

Next to the activities, you can participate in clubs, conversations, workshops, masterclasses, and take coaching and mentorship sessions.


Please see our schedule


The Matrix-Q Akademia also provides intensive learning programs

For which a number of learning units and content have been pre-set

With the same data-driven holistic education methodology, gamified: learn-play, impact-play, and earn-play

  • Study circles (monthly activities) scheduled for a period of 729 days
  • Traditional Akademia: based on Q&A methodology, learning directly from nature principles, observation, self-knowledge, and guided experiences.
  • Matrix-Q Research Institute Programs: Applied multidisciplinary research and innovation for impact entrepreneurship (According to research group or project)
  • Schools of Arts: focus on specific licenses, with a 12 levels program, delivered in 729 days period
  • Special Task Forces: Advanced multidisciplinary capacity to solve complex and wicked challenged

The intensive learning programs above are developed with the same foundation training provided for all Matrix-Q Game players. Including the level of achievement (Matrix-Q Beltsassigned per license).

You can directly purchase the intensive program you prefer at the Matrix-Q Games Shop


The Matrix-Q Akademia (Matrix-Q Games) also gives scholarships and student loans to players that qualify along with the games