Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Explorer, Researcher, Innovator, Futurist, Entrepreneur

Author, artist, holistic lifestyle trainer

Purpose-driven leadership coach

Lives in the Netherlands since 2016

Founder of the Matrix-Q Entrepreneur's ecosystem

Leads the Matrix-Q Challenge for Entrepreneurs & Startups

Luis studied nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations, to arrive to a holistic approach of mathematic nature. One of his innovations is the Matrix-Q Method for holistic gamified and data-driven learning, which in combination with the Matrix-Q DNA enables a tailor-made education, combining digital tools and human specialists (Matrix-Q Specialists)

Time Line

The origins of the Matrix-Q Akademia are in 1993, at the time our founder was living in South America in Peru, while he created a gamified workshop for multidisciplinary collaboration, leadership, emotional intelligence, and personal development. The attendees, (at the beginning 80 students from all faculties of his university), will continue attending activities for 3 years, developing leadership, communication, and collaboration skills; developing social empathy, and applying their acquired knowledge and skills to address local social pressing issues.

Abroad traveling from 1996-to 2003, our founder explored and studied local pressing issues, in countries like Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia & Chile, while designing and implementing solutions for sustainable development.

In the following years, 1999-2003 our founder will provide workshops, coaching, C-level training, and consultancy to leaders of companies and NGOs in the travel industry, aiming to contribute to sustainable development. 14 locations on the South-American Pacific coast will receive him and his volunteers. Contributing with projects dedicated to sustainable farming, community development culture and nature protection, technology transfer, responsible tourism, hospitality, and sustainable development, street children, doulas, education in high schools, preventive health, communication and culture, multicultural integration, new economy, business networking with participation and collaboration strategies for sustainable development, communication for sustainable development, volunteer programs, and others. With a focus on enabling a self-sustainability (self-sufficient) mindset in NGOs, Location Leaders, and companies.

Our founder did return to Europe, in 2002/3, developing a consultancy service, including capacity building for impact entrepreneurs (social entrepreneurship, or entrepreneurship dedicated to sustainable development), while developing side businesses in health-prevention & personal development; languages and culture; ICT solutions; multidisciplinary performing arts and personal development; sexuality education; coaching. With a temporary home base in countries including Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Finland, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Since 2006 our founder has contributed to small businesses, NGOs, young leaders, self-employed, small companies, MKB, and families, in the strategic analysis, design, development, and enhancement of their projects; which will include responsible business practices and positive impact in nature, people and or economies.

For the year 2010, the decision was made to ground a Research Institute that in combination with the Akademia, will provide both, knowledge and capacity, to the entrepreneurs our future needs.

Since 2016 the Matrix-Q Akademia has its Head Quarters in the Netherlands, region of Utrecht. With an administrative office at the Science Park in Utrecht, and an outdoor training location in the city of Rhenen.

With the aim to scale capacity building started the implementation of EduTech applications that utilize the Matrix-Q Data-driven methodology for holistic education assisted by A.I. Engine; which enable personalization of the education program and learning process for each individual student, according to the student DNA (learning style and capacity preferences)

For the year 2020, due to the covid-19 pandemic, the Matrix-Q Akademia was forced to accelerate its transition to fully online and gamified education. For the year 2022, in January, the Matrix-Q Games platform was launched.