Certificates, Licenses & Labels

Matrix-Q Game players activate learn-play, impact-play, and earn-play* activities.

According to the outcome, earn points, tokens; qualify for a rank, ring, and game level.

Knowledge, skills, and tools are necessary. Such resources are made available for the players.

Along with the game activities, players demonstrate and develop their capacity, enhancing their performance.

At the Matrix-Q Games, we measure, predict, value, enhance and optimize players' holistic capacity and performance.


It is expected that Matrix-Q Players think, feel, create, act, lead and invest with the holistic knowledge acquired.

As a result, creating a positive impact on nature, societies, and economies, by addressing global, local and social pressing issues.

Each learn-play, impact-play, and earn-play* activity, challenge, task, mission, or project is associated with a number of Matrix-Q Akademia Certificates, Matrix-Q Licenses, or Matrix-Q Label levels.

Players are informed in advance of the compulsory, optional, or suggested certificates, licenses, and labels they need to have acquired in advance, before starting with any learn-play, impact-play, or earn-play activities.

Players earn certificates, licenses, and labels, as a result of a compound learning curve in their timeline, by completing successfully the activities, tasks, challenges, missions, or projects.

For example:

For Impact-Play activities associated with responsible consumption and production, players need to undergo learn-play circular design, and complete a project or solve a challenge for which circular design is necessary.

Matrix-Q Games are all about hands-on learning by doing.

Building Bricks for Holistic Entrepreneurship

All Matrix-Q certificates, licenses, and labels below are provided by the Matrix-Q Akademia & the Matrix-Q Research Institute. The certificates and licenses are valid for the Matrix-Q University (Project 2023-2030)

Below are certificates and licenses for up to the 4th level of Rank, including white, yellow, blue, and black belt 1.

  • Work-Life Balance
  • Time Management
  • Self-Management
  • Self-Knowledge
  • Communication
  • Story-Telling
  • Holistic Education
  • Holistic Coaching
  • Presentations
  • SDGs 2030 (17 Goals for Sustainble development by the United Nations
  • Compliance
  • Circular, regenerative, holistic, minimalist design
  • Holistic quantum economy
  • Climate Change Leaders
  • Self-sufficient community facilitator
  • Multidisciplinary and holistic research
  • Multidisciplinary innovation
  • Trapped value release
  • Coding
  • Data analytics
  • Holistic Consulting
  • Holistic Strategic Management
  • Holistic assessement of impact
  • Change Management
  • Corporate Immunology
  • Data-driven aluation of the human capital
  • Holistic Impact Investment
  • Self-Knowledge
  • Purpose & Happiness
  • Primordial Yoga Trainer
  • Conscious Breathing
  • Self-Defense Trainer
  • Sexuality Education
  • Multidisciplinary Performing Arts
  • Holistic Wealth-ability
  • Holistic Preventive Health
  • Matrix-Q Standard
  • Matrix-Q Valuation of holistic impact
  • Project Management
  • Influencing
  • Marrketing
  • Sales
  • Branding
  • Holistic strategic management
  • Copywritting
  • Project Management
  • Team building
  • Team organization and collaboration
  • Team communication
  • Sustainable development consulting
  • Consulting data-driven tools & A.I.
  • Account Management
  • Leadership development
  • Product Management
  • Value chain transformation (circularity)
  • Equality and discrimination prevention

Matrix-Q Labels for Entrepreneurs

The Matrix-Q Games can be also played by companies, teams, families, communities (collectives), and start-ups.

The Matrix-Q Label is given to companies, from start-ups to already experienced companies, that have integrated the Matrix-Q Knowledge into their business cycle (Including but not limited to Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Technology, Methodology, Data, Skills, Competencies, Innovations, Certificates, Licenses, Products & Services)

The Matrix-Q Labels indicate 12 levels of integration of Matrix-Q Knowledge into the business cycle

The Matrix-Q Labels indicate the systemic level of complexity the company and entrepreneur have achieved to solve by utilizing Matrix-Q Knowledge

  • Label 000 Indicates that the company is passing through a Matrix-Q Assessment process
  • Label 001 is the first of the Matrix-Q Labels, indicating that basic elements on design, culture, revenue generation, leadership, strategic management have been implemented
  • Label 003 indicates the capacity of the team to apply Matrix-Q Knowledge
  • Label 006 indicates the company offices, regionally, have also fully implemented Matrix-Q Knowledge
  • Label 009 indicates that the company has solved global pressing issues by appying Matrix-Q Knowledge
  • Label 012 indicates that sustainable growth with a positive and regenerative impact, following the doughnnut model, has been reached by applying Matrix-Q Knowledge