The Matrix-Q Akademia matches 97% of the United Nations Holistic Education Standards.

It provides fully gamified learning (capacity building) programs.

Data-driven learning-by-doing, learning by solving challenges.

In which the students develop the capacity to think, feel, create, act, lead and invest with the knowledge acquired.

Our mission is to accelerate the learning curve of our students.

We create a compound learning-effect, to optimize their process of acquisition of multidisciplinary knowledge and development of their capacity for execution. 


Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Impact-Investors

The Matrix-Q Akademia offers services and products to anyone interested to acquire a Matrix-Q Certificate, License, or Label. Or in general to develop Matrix-Q Holistic Skills, Knowledge & Capacity.

Along with the history of the Matrix-Q Akademia, since its early years in 1993, the outcome of the training has been the empowerment of leaders with the entrepreneurial, holistic, and multidisciplinary mindset, engaged with social empathy in sustainable development, addressing local, or global pressing issues.


Learning at the Matrix-Q Akademia

Certificates, Licenses & Labels

At the Matrix-Q Akademia students learn-play, impact-play and earn-play.

It means that there are three main capacities to be developed simultaneously for which there is necessary a learning curve.

The Matrix-Q Data-driven holistic education methodology enables a compound effect along the learning curve.

The future Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators, influencers, and impact investors acquire the experience, capacity, and performance necessary to launch their own Matrix-Q Companies.

A certificates, licenses, and labels-based system in which what you learn converts into the skills and capacity to deliver value with an outcome that creates a positive impact in nature, societies, and economies.

With the duty to accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future, the Matrix-Q Students engage in challenges, missions, projects, activities and tasks, simulations, and games, to rehearse and also interact with real-world challenges, addressing global, local, and social pressing issues.

As an outcome of the Matrix-Q Akademia studies, students will have created assets for passive income, joined the Matrix-Q Consulting pool as associated consultants, coaches, designers, coders, or trainers; became Matrix-Q Influencers and communicators for innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development; launched their own Matrix-Q Companies; acquired shares and ownership; earned royalties; planted trees, forests and boosted biodiversity; designed and created own circular products; and generated enough wealth to become impact-investors themselves, joining the Matrix-Q Fund for Sustainable Development.


Learning by doing, learning by playing, learning by facing challenges and doing simulations.

From study circles to full days weekends, and 12+ months of training programs.

The Matrix-Q Akademia offers a diversity of entry points and 36 schools of knowledge.

MONDAYS we dedicate attention to the Matrix-Q Challenge, a competition designed for leaders and entrepreneurs

TUESDAY is our HUMAN CAPITAL day, we provide training to new recruits and candidates for licenses and human capital of the projects (business) of members of our ecosystem.

WEDNESDAY Luis shares algorithms and case studies, including experiences, lessons, pivots, and failures he experienced in the last 27 years.

THURSDAY the Matrix-Q Akademia online provides an affordable program

FRIDAYS we dedicate one day to climate action

EVERY DAY we play the Matrix-Q AVATAR hybrid games

WEEKLY we organize on demand forest bathing, group coaching, private sessions outdoors, at the City of Rhenene, the Grebebberg forest in the Netherlands

EVERY MONTH we facilitate seminars, introducing the Matrix-Q Akademia schools, its method, and how to learn.

EVERY MONTH on weekends we organize performing dance and self-expression activities

EVERY THREE months Luis provides masterclasses and workshops.

EVERY THREE MONTHS we give prizes to the winners of the Matrix-Q Challenge

YEARLY we schedule exams, tests, and provide licenses, certificates and labels to our members.